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    …Go on Faith

    Scorched sand sizzled hot with a blister.
    Rising heat sucked the air out the day
    and the motionless sun like an unblinking eye
    poked bones and my brains in its way.
    I buckled to my knees from exhaustion
    then my face hit the sand full flat.
    Without water, each breath was a dry pain hurtin’
    and my blood thickened more from its lack.

    A pump handle shimmered in the day’s heat
    and I focused, crawling to it ‘cross the land.
    Hanging there was a sign, “Go North five feet.
    Dig for water in a box in the sand.”
    Scratched eyes searched frantic for its pinpoint.
    Charred fingers clawed the sand going deep.
    As I dug with a frenzy, then I felt something hard.
    Had I liquid for some tears, I would weep.

    In the box, I found a bottle full of water.
    “Don’t Drink” said the jug’s top sign.
    “Pour half, prime the pump then wait five.
    Pour the other half in, pump nine.”
    I blistered in my madness for the water.
    Five minutes more of thirst was too great.
    I twisted off the lid and I tilted up the jug
    but those words “Don’t Drink” made me wait.

    After nine pumps, I fell against the handle.
    Liquid sputtered then it spurted from the spout.
    I was drenched and wallowed, bathed and swallowed
    in water, sweet by words I rued to doubt.
    And on the bottom of the bottle was a clear sign,
    “Fill this bottle for the box, please do,
    for the next soul searching for a Life raft
    who may have to go on Faith like you!”

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    Wonderfully illustrative narrative of an important life principle...strong faith keeps many souls going. Spot on story-telling!