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  • Heaven on Earth

    Heaven on Earth has been here since your birth,
    if you pay attention.
    From shiny to dirt, everything has worth
    not even by extension.

    Individually, everything you see
    has value.
    Try to trust me, even if you don't believe,
    it will allow you.

    To live a life of love, projecting an image from above
    emulating heaven.
    Choosing to react, without leading an attack,
    Rarely need a weapon.

    Kind deeds free, any enemy from the common misconception.
    that hell is where we dwell.
    That's only in your mind, stop serving detention.
    This is no new invention.

    Heaven on Earth has been here since your birth,
    if you control your perception.
    You've always been the best you know how, so please don't stop now
    Mistakes can be corrected.

    So don't stay in the past, you will never last
    abusing your spirit.
    Learn from the events, that probably felt intense
    no more need to fear it.

    Release your doubts with love, with faith in God above
    it is okay now.
    The future consists of the best, of what makes you feel blessed
    so just feel grateful.

    Heaven on Earth has been here since your birth,
    if you're living with intention.
    To be the best you can be for friends and family,
    strangers shouldn't be an exception.

    Live in the feelings of your heart, heaven will be anywhere you are,
    you will create it.
    Everyone who sees will be affected, their heart corrected,
    No more need to hate them.

    Spawn the amount of care, that you would want to share
    don't just insist this.
    You will be an inspiration, to attract your perfect relations
    to your existence.

    I wish you all your dreams, and anything that gleams
    joy to your being.
    If it makes you happy, I hope it's what you see.
    Know this feeling isn't fleeing.

    Heaven on Earth has been here since your birth,
    if we allow it.
    Let's work together and always make things better,
    the time is now friends.

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    FixXxer Another uplifting piece in the Zone today - well done. Affirmation is a great way to success!


    • FixXxer
      FixXxer commented
      Editing a comment
      I have been trying to implement more affirmations into my life. Thank you <3