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  • What Kind of Person?

    I have been writing for years, but this is the first time I have shared something here.. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to any feedback if you have any.

    What Kind of Person?

    Will you be a hard worker? A hard headed berserker?
    Ya gonna be a go-getter? Work in any weather?
    Or will ya be lazy? Should people call ya crazy?
    Wanna be a trend setter? Wear brand names on your sweater?
    Maybe a deep thinker? How bout a social drinker?
    Are you hilarious? Or super serious?

    Will you be a strong mind...That cannot be defined?
    Keep a strong mindset... that will not regret,
    Always try to do your best, believing you are blessed.
    Will you live your dreams of being your best being?
    Continuously evolving, with faith you will be solving
    any problems arriving.

    To ensure their discontinuance.

    Will you be influenced, by your parents?
    Repeating like parrots, or a horse chasing carrots.
    Led by the rider, without following your own desires
    Or will you be inspired, to carve your own way?
    Get closer every day...
    Be your own definition of how to be existent,
    All while listenin' to your loved one's opinions,
    Maintaining a loving position,
    Respecting them for telling you what you're missin'
    Or do traditions, force you into submission?

    Are you beginnin'... to figure it out?
    or do you live with doubt?
    Do you know for sure, what is your character?

    Will you listen to friends, then blame your problems on them?
    Or do you have what it takes, to own up to your own mistakes?
    Take time to evaluate.... No need to live with hate.
    Guide your perception... to a considerate direction
    The world is a reflection, of how you are effectin'... others with your connections
    You can move to improve... if you see you need to... You don't need an excuse.
    From someone treating you obtuse..
    People don't deserve heartless abuse, so please know what you choose to do.

    When you make a choice, please consider your voice.
    No one knows everythin', matter of perception,
    What is yours? That is the question.
    Do you pay attention?
    Do you even consider? Or do you just deliver,
    Whatever feelin's are in your quiver...
    With a heart so cold it makes me shiver...
    Blindly shootin' arrows, while your mind is in the narrows.

    Will you be sensitive? And always try to give?
    Or will you be a tough guy? Known to never cry.
    Gonna take care of yourself? Maintain your health?
    Will ya be a shoulder to lean? Even if it seems...
    Like you're not interested, and you'd rather sleep instead...
    Will you be wise motivator? Or a thorough demonstrator?
    A student or a prudent? You can tell me later.

    I have no intent to control..
    I believe you will reach your goals, trust in your soul.
    all I want to know..

    What kind of person do YOU want to be?
    Can you conceive?
    I won't make any demands, I just want to understand.
    How you want be remembered...
    Cause when your days are outnumbered..
    Your words, heart and deeds will all define you.
    I know that you can align too...
    and always be true... to whatever you really wanna do.

    Take time to contemplate, and consider your fate.
    It is never too late... you CAN communicate, with care and not hate.
    Whatever your choices, just be proud of what your voice says.
    Since your "actions speak louder", use them to make yourself even prouder.
    For yourself.. you hold all the power. Don't let yourself turn sour.
    You are a beautiful flower.
    You can choose the colour.
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    I love it, man. Uplifting and raising the right questions of INDIVIDUALS. I want to be a flower. Welcome.


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      Thankful it was taken as intended! What flower do you want to be? Thank you!

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    Welcome to the Forum!


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      Thank You!