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Death of a neighbor

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  • Death of a neighbor

    Death of a neighbor

    Reflections on your front porch
    Ripples against the curb
    The rain in June can’t stain
    As much as your blood in April to May
    The love of those left behind
    Can’t cover any of the pain
    I never lost a brother
    A sister or a mother
    But I lost myself a father
    An engine of a train
    He fished out of an ocean
    River, lake and drain
    Did they carry you so far?
    As the red brick road?
    Carry you as far as the school field?
    When you were young and jubilant
    When our mothers were sisters
    We were all brothers on the fourth of July
    And neighbors every other day
    I will never be able to touch you again
    On a passing of tools
    A beverage that cools
    Secrets of fools
    I will long for your step
    Concrete and instability
    Roses and mountain Laurel kept
    As long as I am still alive
    I will never measure up to your death

    The second