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  • I really dunno

    Words i'm throughing around for no reason clearly

    Reborn of light of a symphony's song
    watching the stars feeling wrong
    remembering the past missing the dead
    remember the floor stained in red

    a glimps of my pain shows through my act
    my smile lost and my head packed
    with images thoughts flooding all at once

    Hykau i think

    remember the dark
    the moonlights comfort
    in the darkest times

    demons in my heathis d
    listen close for the crack
    a fatal ending

    Ughmmmmm the no edit say what you think my it rhymes (unless i mess up)

    this is probably a wais of time
    how to make it rhyme
    where do i go from here
    no editing me fear
    dang it messed up thats so me
    and least it rhymes so lets see
    if i cant make it rhyme as soon as i type
    it will be ove bla bla skype
    dose that could its what i thought
    i ment cause missed the shot
    that sounds like it rhumes not sure it dose
    i'm gunna continue just kinda cause
    a piller of light rises from afar
    wait thats plot a word think star
    am i going to post this lets flip a coin
    i'm going to flip a rhyme wait groin
    it landed on tails i guess that is grate
    i'm going to post it 1-5 rate