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Where have "All" the "Viewers" Gone?

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  • Where have "All" the "Viewers" Gone?

    Where have "All" the "Viewers" Gone?
    Someplace Else that Turns them On?
    Computer Games and Other Things,
    Coupons for Free Chicken Wings?

    I did not Create this Site,
    Those that Did should Want to Fight.
    If they Truly have the Will,
    Don’t let it Die like Some Roadkill.

    Hefty Answers are Not Blinking,
    Will require Unique Thinking.
    Question now From this Old Guy,
    Do they Care to Even Try?

    Ideas Welcomed any Time,
    Reply with Them to This here Rhyme.
    How many Viewers of this Read,
    Include Creators – Yes Indeed!!!!
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    An old member here
    I find this rhyme
    quite sincere

    Please join the discussion
    in the "Everything Else"
    It may give us a sense

    Okay I couldn't make that last stanza work LOL

    I'm jealous of you rhymers, it seems like it comes easier to some :P


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      Thank you! Please start a discussion there - you should get more response on it than me.


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        I'll chime in because I'm still here too...though with vastly reduced input and original content postings.

        I've never felt particularly adept at giving feedback as to the form or style of poetry because I don't have a "formal" education in that sphere. Some people aren't looking for it, anyway. I do try to comment on individual poems as time allows, with feedback about what chord the particular piece strikes in me. It's not always easy. Sometimes subject matter challenges my limited abilities. What I try to remember is how much I appreciate hearing from other people and then make an effort to extend that courtesy back.

        I don't know what the site was like when first created, but from some of the content (you've probably researched more of it than I) it seems like a great group of friends or acquaintances sharing a love of poetry and life. I had that same feeling - a sense of belonging or family - when I started posting, too. Lots of those folks have moved on, whether temporarily or permanently, I can't know. Maybe the site suited a purpose or filled a need they no longer have. Maybe some have passed away. Maybe some have given up writing.

        All I know is that I'm glad to be here now. I'm glad you and Catz are back and doing such a great job moderating and helping control SPAM.

        With apologies up front to The Byrds...(and Ecclesiastes 3:1-8))

        For ev'ry poem (post, post, post)
        is there a reader who's not toast?
        Or must times change to a trickle of reviewing?

        Words on a screen or words from the heart
        some so serene, some tearing apart
        some bringing smiles and some bringing tears
        over the miles of Zoning the years

        For ev'ry poem we share here
        is there a reader without fear
        who will leave comments and feedback, as I'm doing?

        Give it a try, it's all that we ask
        No passing by, no wearing a mask
        Just keep it real by liking or more
        That's how I feel...both now and before

        Happy posting!


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          Perfect!!!! Thank you!!!!


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            I've wondered the same thing!

            We just need a celebrity to be on and then lots of people will follow.

            I dont spend as much time as I used to but it really is heartwarming to read new posts from rhymers I admire...

            it's a special friendship with some of the old regulars, even after a long absence when I read something ..i feel like
            we just pick up where we left off family can do.


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              Thank you - I sure hope the site can maintain and continue.


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                I must have felt your cry for more eyes.
                I used this site for random rhymes when I have been stuck looking for a line
                Noticed there was a forum, so I came to brighten the aura, and share unique ryhmes I have been formin.
                I hope to strengthen the community, and offer you a view or three, occasionally.


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                  It’s a true pleasure to have you here!