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Basement birth

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  • Basement birth

    basement birth

    you needen’t know my rituals
    needen’t know my preyers
    basement where i go to slave
    insense down the stairs
    foundation built, sand and stone
    pocket in this earth
    lovely home of simple men
    the first of many
    my second birth

    was born to beg and roam a while
    figure out a plan
    extending love, gods only child
    hard sacrifice of any man

    sweat of blood upon the brow
    serpent in the hand
    pilgrim chase, be the last
    desend into the holy land

    sip slowly from the guilded cup
    it’s measure, never full
    your love may not be enough
    masquito be the fuel

    da vinci is proud of my arm
    michelangelo is proud of my soul
    van gough lives with my empathy
    i savor the concrete
    and breathe every day
    like it may be all of our last

    the second

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    And the work you create??? Stunning!