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  • Than you’ll ever know

    Beauty in the eye of the beholder
    See through the facades as you get older
    Look in the mirror , see for the first time
    A vision of yourself that looks sublime

    You have seen the scars, the disappointment
    Apply kindness not another’s ointment
    Harsh opinions, insults and life’s cruel taunts
    The butt of others humour, ill meant jaunts

    You consider truth of your of your reflection
    Pause and allow yourself some affection
    Can you see? You are beauty incarnate
    A warm hearted soul your worth is innate

    A tender smile floats upon your lips
    A joy to others that you can eclipse
    You would laugh if anyone told you so
    You’re more beautiful than you’ll ever know

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    What a lovely poem.


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      Amen, amen, amen. I may copy this and paste it on my mirror to read every morning!


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        Catz and RhymeLovingWriter Thank you for kind feedback


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          Awesome stuff.. i like how it instills positivity while still promoting keeping yourself in check in terms of having good morals.

          i think you will like most of my stuff based on this.. i like to be a sort of "voice for the voiceless" myself..


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            Ahhh Pp - You've given an inspirational uplift to the spirit with this work. I'm feeling better already and it's more "than you'll ever know". Hallelujah! Thanks Pp. Namyh


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              FixXxer I will look your post with interest. Thank you for kind feed back Namyh thank you for any uplift you felt it was worth posting