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Memories and My '53 Chevy

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  • Memories and My '53 Chevy

    Bob with 1953 Chevy.jpg
    I recall in Different Times,

    Gas not More than a Few Dimes.
    Crusin' Main - Ridin' Slow,
    Girl is Close - Was Her Beau.

    Music Blasting from my Dash,
    No concerns about No Cash.
    Life was Good - Drivin' 'Round,
    Up one End - Back Downtown.

    Arm Extended - Hand on Wheel,
    Snuggle Close was a Big Deal.
    Summers Best - Windows Down,
    Passing All in our Small Town.

    Girl was Cool but didn't Last,
    She now Shares my Treasured Past.
    Wonder if She Thinks of Me,
    That Old Chevy - So Carefree!!!!

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    Sounds like goodtimes


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      Wonder if this was more than a midwest, USA thing? I can definitely relate...especially about Main St., although we called it "dragging Main" instead of "cruising". I just found out last year that the city outlawed the practice about a decade ago. Times change...


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        I think it might be Midwest - I lived in Minot, North Dakota when that picture was taken.