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From that moment on, silence

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  • From that moment on, silence

    From that moment on, silence

    I ask myself this very day
    Without pretention
    At what moment
    Did your life end
    Could I have been dreaming?
    Maybe the dishes or working?
    Your mind screaming
    Me in the studio with headphones on?
    With the coming of spring
    The furnace continually burning
    Was it natural for you?
    The last moments still chilling
    Fishing gear in your car
    Our postman delivering
    I know you were planning
    Tires not turning
    Absolute and confirmed, sadly
    You never made it that far
    Didn’t you remember the last Fourth of July?
    Talking as friendly strangers
    Fireworks pasting the orange sky
    Talked of the past
    Children with sparklers in hand
    Happiness kept running by
    You were a ghost to me in life then
    Now you are a ghost to everyone
    I can’t remember you ever laughing
    I don’t think I saw you smile
    Afraid of the light poles
    The demons hiding in all men
    Don’t want to imagine the darkness
    Layers over time that thickens
    With your kind of depression
    Choices to love what you hate
    Hate to feel love
    Love to condemn
    Body and mind sickens
    Overwhelming mental condition
    Did you have a last cigarette?
    After a show and a meal
    A beer or a blunt to satisfy your hurt
    Did you have a chance to leave a note?
    I read only a few
    Of the last ones you wrote

    R.I.P TOM