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Directly at Hand: Something Afoot

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  • Directly at Hand: Something Afoot

    Directly at Hand: Something Afoot

    Mischief awash in the waves that be—

    like sickened, black and oily sea—

    with its shadow, waits, and won’t dissipate.

    It hovers and smothers in glee.

    A snake in the windblown grass you don’t see—

    eyes prying those stumbling free—

    coils stalking those walking with blundering gait,

    to surprise them before they can flee.

    A terrible tiger, crouched in a tree—

    beastly to every degree—

    lies eager to render a horrible fate

    to one who would then disagree.

    A thief, afoot, has pilfered the key—

    and stolen from you and from me—

    a measure of treasure our hearts couldn’t hate

    for others, who used to be ‘we.’

    A darkening pall on our energy—

    negative, alive on a spree—

    looms grooming, dooming, consuming to sate

    forces that thwart by decree.

    The hideous creature beneath the bed

    breaches the night with dread.

    It seems, when lost in fitful dream,

    it reaches out from your head.

    Remember, no one ever said

    you wouldn’t be misled.

    But even in the grandest scheme,

    the living leave the dead.

    JPTIII 5/30/21
    Last edited by John P. Turner; 05-30-2021, 06:06 PM.