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Wax On/Wax Off - Mask On/Mask Off

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  • Wax On/Wax Off - Mask On/Mask Off

    Wax On Wax Off Photo.jpg
    Wax On/Wax Off – Mask On/Mask Off,
    Some will Wear – Some will Doff.
    “Karate Kid” in Eighty-four,
    No Idea ‘bout What’s in Store.

    Should you Wear Them – Yes or No,
    Hinges Where you Live and Go.
    Pain from Start until this Day,
    Most would Like to Throw Away.

    Bets are not on “If” but “When”,
    They’ll be Gone – Not back Again.
    Unused Masks – What will we Do?
    Different Uses here for You:

    Slippers, Napkin, Fanny Pack,
    Mushrooms – Curlers - Jewelry Sack.

    Store your Glasses – Lipstick too,
    Extra Laces for your Shoe.

    Toe Nail Clippings or a Wig,
    Small Flask when you Want a Swig.

    Marbles, Eggs, Masks hold Snug,
    Make a Trap to Catch a Bug.

    Windsock, Hat, or a Bow Tie,
    Coaster, Barf Bag, Drops for Eye.

    All Ideas you Wear or Hold,
    Or like “Ralph” as He was Told.
    Grab a Mask – It’s not Bizarre,
    Get to Work and Wax your Car!

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    glad to see you back


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      Thank you!


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        LOL...wonderful suggestions and ecologically sound to boot...recycle, recycle, recycle.

        DepressingPoem I agree, glad to see you back, Bob!

        Looking forward to more of your creative blend of humor and words!


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          Thank you!