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  • Virii

    A virus programmed
    Itself the only knowing of any extent
    Starts on chewing fact
    And descends into the silver sea of code
    And filters through Tribulation's files
    The virus of a pentagram
    Sent from the middle of nowhere
    From a mailbox that never existed
    And yet I hear divine prattling
    The virus
    The breakage from the separation
    Of the words that we compiled have turned
    Something of a spark into a dark afternoon
    And fled escape, and fled denying,
    And fled Today after a sky we saw falling
    While we looked up to see What else
    To find the remnants of the same
    Virus that we killed that killed so many
    And the way we have come
    From this virus reminds us what
    Might happen
    Our nightmares in a cup full of sunshine
    The dirt next to the crystal
    And hands that ever downward pull
    Code against code
    In a destroying hurricane that
    Doesn't ever really even move.
    Last edited by BluerThanEver; 05-23-2021, 01:43 AM.

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    Nicely captured.