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  • "Again"

    The room is filled with music
    And the undersides budge
    Here next to the sprawl of bullets
    Where the metal rusts
    Near the cage with the feral animals
    And the prattle in the sky
    So this music is entrancing
    And the surface of the sea watches
    These bobbing waves overflowing
    And the faith of the sleepy beaches
    As electric notes seethe in a fire
    Pushed and pulled from downward
    Weights we hang above ourselves
    In order to continue
    This light which sheds
    And cracks and invades.
    So that our grey portrayal
    Of beauty stands mute
    And shocking, so we look!
    This is some kind of resolution: to see it fall.
    From the cloudless sky a moon descends...
    In my window I can see the endings we painted.

    " C R I M E S"
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    This has an ethereal once both haunting and intriguing.