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'Seven minutes in Heaven'

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  • 'Seven minutes in Heaven'

    The party was all around and we were in front of the closet door, both of us not really sure what was going on.
    Everyone nominated us. She had more blonde hair than anything, and it was well into the night.
    We were so curious, excited, expectant and afraid, shy and unforthcoming at first. But we went in and as everyone is supposed to, we stood in the complete darkness.
    Well, without knowing what we were doing, we sort of simmered there in the cold closed-in space. I thought about how her hair feels and how far away the walls are... "What should we do now?" I asked.
    I was really nervous and yet I put my hand out to touch her arm. When I placed it on her white shirt it felt like touching warm and cold stars, so comfortable, but I stopped because she didn't say anything. I caught her eye glinting--I guess from the lines of light snaking in through the black doorway. I caught some fear but not discouragement, and I said, "Well, this is what it's about, not really about the words." And I put my hand on her shirt closer to her heart.
    I imagined leaving a print there, a bloody hand print ... and I touched her and felt her firm chest and she actually responded, and pulled me closer. So I was kissing her looking down and we were kids and it WAS heaven, so absolutely scary for both of us, and heavenly because we were each others' and we only knew from the little corners of light which snuck thru.
    I can't figure out how long it was.
    I can't figure out if we are still lost like we were, holding hands in perfect unison and kissing in that closet of that party.
    I can't figure out why it felt so good; was it her or the party that set it up, was it me or just the dark enclosed space that led us to wander? And wonder.
    Seven minutes in heaven and I never want to leave it, she was so small and whole beneath my grip and it happened and went so quick,-- it sort of hurt afterward.
    So we kind of never walked away? I wonder today what she would say; it seems like the potent desire brought us together, magnets to electric current, and we never really did anything else after that party and what we did behind the door.
    I can't remember if we said anything else.
    We kissed and seven minutes extended unto infinity, unto heaven's own traipsing fingers searching. But it was not too long.
    The light came on and terrified both of us, and they screamed through the open door at us, and we had to get out.
    My dilating eyes opened up to the rest of the night, and I did my best to forget at that moment...
    The way anyone would .... after seven minutes 'up there in Heaven.'