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  • Post-Apocalyptic

    How are you?
    It's been a while
    How's things?
    How's your family?
    How's your health?
    How's your head?

    It's beautiful, out there
    I'm sure you'd agree
    But it feels so quiet
    Not like what it was before
    But for how it is now
    Let's not worry

    I missed the laughter
    I missed the enjoyment
    I missed the company
    Of someone like you
    I missed everything
    And I hope some aspect of life
    Still exists despite the emptiness
    Around us
    But let's not worry

    Let's get on with our lives

    Though I'm happy again
    I'm still down
    I know you'll feel the same
    There's lies the pain behind the smile
    We bore the brunt
    Of unprecedented chaos
    All there's left is the sky, the green grass
    But let's not worry

    Let's get on with our lives
    Even if it's not worth it
    In this new, disfigured world

    Survivors of the chaos
    Helpless victims of the crisis
    We feel like the only ones left
    In this new, disfigured world

    It was nice seeing you again
    But I must go
    We'll meet again
    Or maybe not
    Life hasn't been the same
    Since I last saw you
    Since I last saw your smile

    Farewell, for now...

    Whenever the entire Covid crisis passes, I had a random thought in my head one day of what life will be like once it's over... and the very thought was of two people meeting in a large empty area, as if they were the only "survivors" of it. Can also be when the first lockdowns across the world, especially here in the UK, were lifted (but that was not long until we had to live with the nightmare again).