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    I wake from my sleep
    And wonder when this will pass
    I'm so impatient

    I breathe in this world
    And wonder when this will end
    Time, it gets to me

    Counting the days, wasting time
    A nightmare for the rest of time



    Time is my despair
    Time is our despair

    I open my eyes
    To a crisis on repeat
    Time is so unkind
    Every day, it's gone to waste
    Every time, I want to die

    Mutual lockdown feelings... plus the fact I had the word "time" flown to my mind in my sleep when the pandemic took full hold of our lives (although it was preventable, must I be brutally honest).

    You can see that I combined the haiku and tanka techniques to write this up.

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    MHenry Cool formatting...right up MHenry's alley...don't know if he still checks in at the Zone though.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Oh, I didn't know he used that technique also :P

      And he was last on this site a month ago, by the way (checked his profile).

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    He's published a lot with tanka and senryu (?), also cherita and other forms I have yet to learn and practice. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if he does haiku.

    It's a cool poem though. Hope brighter days are on the horizon (i.e. return to more normal routine).