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  • Comfort

    Alone, detached
    I feel I'm missing
    A vital part

    Is there something out there
    To relieve an aching mind
    And a shattered heart?

    Like a child in the dark
    I wimper to myself
    I long for dependency

    If there's such thing as magic
    I'd say my only wish
    But I know it won't help me

    To feel like this
    Longer than it's necessary
    It wasn't my choice

    I've no one to trust
    I just want solace and compassion
    And keep it close to me
    Like a child to its toy

    When I have nothing
    When I want something
    To touch, to hold tight
    To kiss and love all day and night
    Be my comfort
    Be my everything

  • #2
    I think you've touched a nerve with this one...a whole lot of folks could probably relate. Brighter days ahead I'm hoping.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      I actually wrote this on the subject of a neurotic and dependent young man to his caring loving girlfriend, akin to a child and its toy. But yes, that can count also.

  • #3 usual, I was way off.

    If that's the case then for sure, not what one would call a 'healthy' relationship with contributing partners. That makes the title an even better choice, because at first glance, one might think the stanzas to follow are part of a 'feel good' piece.

    Sharp observations here.