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A billboard Up there

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  • A billboard Up there

    I could be a billboard of the exact same shape of this world
    Never be enough
    Sing you songs like love won't hurt and cry your absent tears
    For you
    I could die a million drug addicted deaths
    Stunned like my dead parents
    After the scents of whatever might go down
    Does-- after the sense has gone
    And this artificial intelligence that beats
    Both my enemy and my friends, after the draining ends
    Both have eaten and plan on more eating, then
    What was lost might come alive again and their wonder
    Spells that break in wands that malfunction
    More memory than any real happening
    In their pale cold caste reflections that begin to glow
    And under the light the hint of their blood
    Well, before them I bow
    Before the fears of another world crowd
    Too close
    Before them I bow lower
    Hoping never to have to come back
    Up there.

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    Striking. I like your title choice, too.