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  • Birds and Bees

    I thought the cat had my tongue
    I explained in idioms
    Opening a can of worms
    Using Mother Nature’s terms

    The story of birds and bees
    Where to include the bees knees
    Do the birds flock together?
    Stop you will ruffle feathers

    The bee makes its chat up line
    A honey trap it’s design
    Intending to pollinate
    The busy bee cannot wait

    Bee with sting in its tail
    Queen Bee honey for male
    Feels the buzz, she gets on it
    With a bee in her bonnet

    The early bird gets the worm
    Feathering its nest and squirms
    Sings as happy at the larks
    Dawns chorus sung, light from dark

    Now I think have made that clear
    Birds and bees have the idea
    Even squirrels drop their nuts
    Proud like peacocks as they strut

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    LOL..."even squirrels drop their nuts"??? You DO have a way with words, Jon!


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      RhymeLovingWriter Thank you the idea was to explain the idiom of the birds and bees with idioms I felt it had comic potential but was harder than I expected