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  • That website.

    I have been Banned from I do not respect the authority that doesn't really do much but call me names, like "handicapped" or "disabled" or whatever it is they were stereotyping and labeling me with, without even asking.

    The site's infrastructure is atrocious. The users are heinous, and have hurt my feelings now that I have been on poetry sitesw for as long as I've lived, and I was there before all them -- but Now I am gone. Banned until March 20-something-th.

    It hurts. They might think they know how I feel but they could not continue such if they truly knew; and so I call BS. They cannot exist with such conduct as they have treated me with and still continue to live wholesome lives! They need to keep on their masks and continue hiding behind their keys, the psychic-arena I've been dealing with forever and this poetry.

    So what? It's about not getting even but being Just.
    They cannot. So I am banned and I am here, domineering, challenging them; they suck at writing, and I do not, and they kicked me out and threw me away and wanted more than anything to be rid of me. It makes me really wonder!

    No one should go there, and if you do-- Do you feel abused by Them? At that website????

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    I... had never heard of them


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      Well please share your poetry here again. I have not been on that site, but I have only ever been on this one and Yourpoetrydotcom I think it was. That was so long ago.


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        There's lots really, and I figure lots more than I know at all! Thanks for the sitelink... I recently got back on and found famous poetry I love!!~


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          I've found the Rhymezone a user-friendly place. Glad you found it!


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            Never heard of it, but from what you described it sounds like a toxic place.