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    Dear friend there’s one question I gotta ask,
    Was it your imagination or just the desperate past.
    It’s obvious, those scars are starting to show.
    Making sh*t up, thinking nobody knows.

    Red headed devil took you home,
    Along with your cash, she stole your soul.
    But there’s one thing we for sure know,
    You were the boat, she started to row.

    Im done with her, Im pretty sure...
    Dude your face’s screaming “I’m insecure!”
    Throwing all the respect for a chick,
    Were you thinking with your di*k ?

    At the rock bottom, digging a hole.
    You’re already down here, yet still want more ?
    Throw away the showel, look up above.
    There’s no such a thing as perfect love.
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