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  • "Trust-worth"

    Trust --

    In a world where we can become lost.
    What can we find within to trust? For once,
    In my blind-eye to see that which wasn't,
    But now completely is. Like acid in the pores.
    Dissolving what we thought, our fears.

    I walk into a room and just sense this one,
    Hovering and so suspicious; I myself am lost
    To find the place I might move in order to see
    A world without eyes ever judging me,

    My cones that melt have all turned back
    And the slithering asp has eaten its last;
    Where the ridges were so leaning, it dropped
    Like a name dissolving on your tongue.

    Like the plagiarism of No one. Besting.
    So this is sensate, and meaningfully arranged.
    To get to where we find rapport: speak;
    The truth which scares us to tell is everything.
    The world is only as big as we can trust.

    But how do we learn, given the hurdle,
    A problem not of separation, but solutions.
    Like everything that's not gotten done,
    Like the scarecrow just having fun. Loved.

    This is trust, this is the one way inside Friends.
    Our own beingness melding so soft,
    And we drop like snakes from red-green vines
    In order to get nearer the heart with our trust.

    Our tongues have split and taste the air,
    The lover's loving air. Our hands have shook
    And in our shake we met ourselves. Trust--
    Knowing someone forever the second you meet.

    May we be so beleaguered by these insistent,
    That such a Trust as capital might make us more?--
    And to them who have no backward-glance
    Memory is a race, and a pain, worthy to be gone.

    I watch as these words we use barely veil, ours'
    As the screen is put over our hearts, eyes, mind and soul.
    And the spiritual reservoir moves, itself our soul.
    The Aethyr which we draw forth from, our Taproot.

    We trust. We trust because we know Distrust, obviously,
    And by trusting we can gain objectivity, to know
    What a good person worthy of our trust actually is.
    Who you can peer into and find the one who says.

    How? The very reason for our peering, the single seer
    Known and knowing to be trusted, has mostly
    Brooked the complaint that deception plies, and
    Forgotten that there's a truth to ever lose: No more lies?

    Consider the way we continue our plight, our plan.
    Using money and wasting time forgetting Life,
    Because of the plastic and the bills and the vacations.
    Trust makes us patient, content. steadfast.

    What is accrual to one able to learn More trusting?
    More trustworthy would be the way we peer out
    And find that many want to push us out of our spot
    From more than even we can expect to ever get through.


    And like the cold light of a cyan day,-- the thinning air
    Pinching through my lungs. The death, do I trust knowledge?
    Do I believe in my own firm concentration? To trust,.
    Obviously we could accomplish anything. And belief,--

    That monster with everyone's teeth, threatening to leave.
    Whose mouth is it that speak the truth,. finally,
    In a world of evolving reason, of trust that's fore the weekend.
    Who might conspire to the blazing pyre that we have?

    For, every hope is turned to dust, not even ash, and the rope
    Hanging from where we were cannot trust, and so it stays.
    Cannot trust-- There's no real word for this experience,,
    The stars like walking beings, self-destroying to give ... Truth?

    No, it's the light which warms everything in the circle,
    And outside the circle,-- what trust might fall upon my conscience
    To decide me and my world are not mine and mine only.
    Trusting that I respect and allow its own fair due.

    But if I am lost without trust, and yet more than this
    I still need to know the truth. What is there do do?
    From all that we've ever known, how much is really True?
    How much love makes it more meaningful, and why

    Couldn't we simply admit we're afraid of each other,
    And given our own lying tendencies we as a people find
    True trust so hard, so we create a false facade.
    This calcinated portion of ourselves is visible to me.

    The truth I know is from experience, internalized,
    And I am well adept at the learnings and utility of Truth.
    By the laws which are in my heart I am here FOR Truth.
    For the reality in which I can transmute my soul.

    Truth is deducible, trust is scary; but how does one Find it?
    To actually defend themselves from deception.
    To actually make a difference contributing to the World
    As a living project of helping Truth become... Changed.

    More accountability, more trust, more Truth in order to find
    The way we all began.
    There is that One center in the middle of the circle we all
    Know is the true transcendent experience of "trust"

    Being truth we can only value it by how much it means to us
    Whether we've been lied to or hurt or both, by liars.
    Learning to know liars and what they do. The abuse.
    What will it take us to allow ourselves the space to be psychic?

    We are beyond being probed, and we suffer for our Truth.
    We don't allow others into ourselves, for the truth
    The veritable unknown, is Chaos, I submit. It's beyond our conceptions.
    For, if we couldn't see pictures "frozen" of the above stars.

    Then we might not realize the truth we've been given.
    If those stars just twinkled we might not imagine they moved!
    And moved? They move movement itself, I trust.
    The way they bounce around and carry worlds, the sun and the truth.

    Reflecting off from our own poles that lean and still are real,
    I turn backwards just to inspect: from all the lying, I know
    It's not necessarily a more truthful world, but I believe so.
    And trust and truth are what we need most as loving people.

    Set the examples for the little children now and
    The goodness will take care of us; take care of Love.
    The waters will transform, and the peoples will dream
    But what really is this "truth-telling", and what mouth owns it

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    Thats reallly pretty i like