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  • Old Friends

    As the tides come and go
    I’ve lost so many friends
    Some I still know, others have left
    What are my reasons, and to what ends?
    Will I have loads of regrets?
    Either way I’m gonna get it
    But I promise I won’t forget it
    "It" being where I can from
    My friends, but only the real ones
    And yeah, maybe I’m gone
    Light years away
    I’m so jaded all these memories so faded
    I’ve forgotten your face, I feel like a disgrace
    I never noticed, never got the chance to hold it
    Yeah and with years everything turns to dust
    Nothing that shines won’t turn to rust
    So don’t pretend that we’re still the same
    When one of us has moved on and changed

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    Melancholy musing, these. Seems like the only constant these days IS've captured that motion here.