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bluer than forever

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  • bluer than forever

    laugh, the blur, memories, forgiveness;
    I have so much option, spilling from me,
    laugh until dying dead and untied, laugh death
    your spider tongue licks me up so I cry
    you have to. and while you do, little one,
    the widow, speak!

    laugh, the blue blur of memories in my eyes,
    caught by your own arms in these skies,
    afraid for my own, my own mind, overdrive.
    caught and catching, these little sticky keys,
    fingers to touch a trace upon them each.
    falling from me.

    laugh, bluer than a memory, excuse
    this is the reuse, the ultimate multiplying
    to trick the world of tricks into a card,
    one eye seeing and one shut;
    the phone above us then starts to ring.
    calling, calling me.