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Did You Go Unnoticed?

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  • Did You Go Unnoticed?

    Your children brought you their offspring.
    Could you tell we could see it all?
    A garden blossoming: The bright Amaryllis
    The life you sewed was important.
    The snails could never survive.

    But could they know your passion?
    We wanted to grab your displayed dolls-
    turned away, we didn't bother to ask
    Why were they dressed in non-brand cloth?
    impolite children swung their feet against the table,
    In the kitchen, your food was favored by God

    We could see the pink, we saw the flowers,
    We noticed the clothing, but did we ever ask?
    We never listened for who you were
    We only knew who you could be for us

    Time passed so quickly, did you know that we knew?
    We noticed your heart, filled with passion and intelligence.
    Your children brought our love to you,
    But did they ever adore you the way you deserved?

    A hearty Grandmother left her pink home
    adorned with pictures of a large family,
    Her children stood at the porch
    thinking about the things they never said,
    The things they never asked.

    Shattered grandchildren reached for the flowers.
    For remnants of their matriarch.

    If only I knew your language.
    Would you forgive my silence, dear grandmother?
    It was in those moments I could hear your voice the most.
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    Last edited by Catz; 04-10-2021, 08:36 PM. Reason: Edited a couple of stanzas a bit.. I think I like this more, but I may continue to edit it.

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    Well this reminds me so much of current events for sure, and how Art is all political.

    Such a beautiful tone, and so precious. It aches!! But I am fondly able to really consider and deal with what's calling out still...



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      Well that's a bummer LOL

      It isn't political. I lost my grandmother a couple of years ago and some nights the harsher memories come in and I have to remind myself - we loved her and we were all with her in the end. She must have known that. I believe she did. I'll revisit to fix it, but I am content with the last three stanzas. Even in writing this, I found myself typing regret often, and for the first time, I realize a should not regret my silence. Because of my silence, she was able to tell her stories uninterrupted.
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        Wow. So beautiful. Sometimes when you lose someone you can dwell on things that you didn't even know you regret. Things you know probably don't even make sense. Did I ever make them sad with my actions? I wish I hadn't done thing X because I think it probably hurt them. I think that way sometimes. They're negative thoughts, but maybe they can remind us to be more present in the here and now, to be kind and to know that it matters.

        This is a very nice piece. I'm glad you shared it.


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          Understand completely. I agree with CC - I'm glad you shared.