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  • Tables Turned

    I’m not into fakes

    Looking at your raps, that’s all you are

    I know the stakes, I go for the heart

    Pull on the strings, maniacally dark,

    I’mma puppet master, a king of some sort

    Playing you like a violin, welcome to my concert

    I promise I’ll be gentle,

    I don’t like violence

    Cos it makes no sense

    I’d rather violate


    my head,

    these thoughts gonna give me,

    my death,

    So I try to, avoid em and drown em

    Ignore em and doubt em

    Put em down and burry em,

    But then they come up like skeletons

    But they don’t stay in my closet,

    They get-up in, my face, my space,

    I may deposit vomit on your face

    Oh great

    Need room, misplaced, my keys,

    No escape, these mistakes,

    Cloud my mind and extradite

    Things I can’t control, all lies

    I love dark pink morning skies

    I love thinking why?

    Doubting thoughts, getting lost

    In my maze, thinking I forgot

    To cross some T’s

    And I’d some dots

    What’s that mean?

    I forgot

    Uh oh

    There I go again

    Uh oh

    This that way I get

    Uh oh

    Its that time again

    What time?

    Lemme tell you when

    It’s when imma win

    And take charge of my thoughts

    And show my demons I’m the boss

    Tell them to shut up, countering their shots

    Then watch them flop, call them floundering

    Because I’m on top, and I’ll be the one

    Devouring, now they’re cowering

    Guess they didn’t know

    I could get this way

    Well, now they know,

    And they’re terrified

    The tables have turned

    But that aside

    Tears were shed

    Panic’s attacked, many times, but I survived

    So now am trying

    To recapture my eyes

    Cos I lost em way back

    Back when I tried

    To ignore all the bad

    Which resulted in

    Going blind, but now I see again

    Moving forward

    Finally got a vision

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    Definitely got a beat going on here...