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Breath out! Breath in!

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  • Breath out! Breath in!

    Breath out! Breath in!

    Love leaped from rocks on high sea cliffs,
    romping in the winds that pierce the mists,
    stretching out wings ‘cross sun plush lands
    to ride on the breaths inhaled by man

    and search those souls for hearts of stone
    to infuse joy into flesh and bone
    and hear their sighs make songs sing
    with breath pushed out by Love’s spread wings.

    What blast of sound can summon Love
    What beckon of voice will do.
    What ring of the phone can hearken it
    to the heartache that reigns in you.

    Such crossroad of wonder in the lives of men
    has starts, beginnings, hopes and ends.
    It’s a tasty, succulent slice of life
    that all of us covet and lucky ones bite.

    We hunger for its pulse and starve ‘til it comes,
    feeding on its impact with a glorious hum,
    crying when it’s over dripping tears so frail,
    thinking we’ll never breathe, love again or inhale.

    But Love still leaps from high sea cliffs,
    with a romp in the wind and a pierce of the mists,
    yet hears that heartache’s voice so thin
    that it spreads its wings on the next breath in.

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    Namyh Yea! Another name I'm happy to see in the queue again!

    This is beautiful and inspiring. LOVE really is the answer to the challenges of life.

    Hope all is well with you.


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      RLW - Darn good to hear from you. Puts a smile on this old poet. Hope all is well with you too and thanks for spendin' a spell. Namyh


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        Bravo! I can just read this over and over again. Looking forward to more.


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          Lamar glide - Thanks for taking a breath over this way and enjoying it. Namyh


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            Catz - Thanks a lot for your wonderful words which put a big smile on this old poet's face. Come back anytime Catz. Namyh