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  • Tears

    Before you go any further I wrote this in a not so posotive place and its not exactly happy if thats not the kinda think
    you think you'd wanna see than i suggest you continue with caution if at all....
    thank you

    also spelling ..... I'm aware its not at all what it should be but correcting it is to tireing


    There are tears of joy and tears of fears
    tears lound and ones that no one hears
    what is a tear really in the very end
    what kind of message dose one lone tear send
    do we call the one tear sad afraid and dark
    or a drop of hope falling igniteing a purpose a spark

    dose a tear alone determain how we already feel
    dose it help or hurt us from a long needed heal
    do we call them hope do we call them strength
    prevent us from acheaving a growth,hight,length
    I have a tear fall and show a flowing a stream
    please tell me what it's supposed to mean

    am i sad becaouse as of late i cannot tell
    in the midst of life's sound i dare not yell
    not to cry for help or ask anyone the truth
    guess i'm what you'd call a troubled youth
    sleep all day and stair into the cold night
    each moment I live a moment i fight

    "I started to get emotional so I just kind thought hell ima change it up
    cuz it in my head was sounding sappy and made me feel sorry for myself and i really hate that
    alot a really **** lot but, I realized that I have to get ready and know i won't be back for a good while so just desided to post it so I can forget this ever happened and move on"

    I should probably get rid of all thos words that aren't the poem itself but i almost feel like thats like lieing selecting what is and is not shown seems almost wrong

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    I would usually care about words but i'm to tired for that right now...
    my bad for the not doing my best thing its a flaw of mine


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      DepressingPoem One thing I've seen in my time in the zone is that poets write from all sorts of places, in different times, moods, frames of mind. We write, and share, and if we're looking for feedback, ask for it. But it's always nice to think we've been heard, whatever the subject matter.

      Keep writing.