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Jeremiah's Diatonic Fifths in C

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  • Jeremiah's Diatonic Fifths in C

    Do you think your God forgets or forsakes
    While your famished flesh rots and bones ache?
    Could it be that you forsook and forgot
    The fatherless while you feasted without thought?

    Was it not enough to carouse in your citadel?
    Do you also rebel against kindness and justice?
    In circuitous thought you cry for comfort
    While you cavort on the coffin of the orphan?

    Oh genteel soul, full of goodwill and grace;
    Go down to Gehenna with glib hosannas
    Grotesque cows, swollen on greedy false weights.
    Will you not soon go down to Gehenna?

    Are you not damned by your own ideals?
    Enter your crypt, go down alive to Sheol--
    Down to the depths of the pit of darkness.
    Sing a dirge in your excess of faithlessness.

    Rise up and abase yourself in terror;
    See the error in your pious narcissism.
    Or stand behind the aegis of your temple,
    Absolve yourself of blame and crumple.

    Examine your ways.
    Repent before your end.
    Exalt God in praise.

    Or depend on bloody Egypt...

    Do you now fear the Babylonian ram
    While you banish your God and His Lamb?
    Blow your trumpet in Zion, He will hear--
    Just as you heard those you placed on the bier.

    I wrote this for something else but I'm interested if people enjoy the poetry as a stand-alone?

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    Merkavah Oh my - is it really you? So wonderful to find your name in the queue again!

    As to the prophetic poetry - eloquent as ever and challenging besides, yet apt for our times. Looking forward to reading more.