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    My neighborhoods

    See, I’ve got two sides of me;
    a split personality;
    Two neighborhoods that reside inside of me,
    and they’re so sad to see,
    so come along for the journey

    I currently have my home inside the one which houses all my demons,
    let’s go meet the worst of them

    Here’s where Pride lives,
    he thinks he’s huge,
    but in my eyes, he’s not
    He isn’t really relevant,
    but he gets what he wants
    Wait did you hear someone talking?
    You trying to say something?
    You criticizing me??
    You're just a hater,
    you're just jealous
    you're just a traitor
    I don't need you to tell us
    that you think I'm prideful
    well I'm not, cos my thoughts
    are on display
    we're done here
    we’re moving on, okay?

    Over there is the Forrest of Voices,
    Walk in and you’ll be there for days
    They love to complicate everything,
    They turn something obvious into impossible,
    They like to overthink every obstacle
    Should you really leave yet?
    Did you get your point across?
    You don't want them to forget...
    You tried your hardest
    you did good, move along now
    Dude, you're wrong, you gotta slow down
    there they go again, they are so loud

    But they’re not as bad as Depression,

    he’s a real Goliath, he's really trying

    He feels dead on the inside
    He doesn't wanna be alive
    he thinks he'll never thrive
    he's just barely surviving
    his light isn't shining
    he's looking for an escape from all of his demons
    he thinks being dead is some form of relief but,
    that only leads him to be sinkin deeper

    His wife is Despair, yeah they make quite the pair
    Her brother is Terror, a coy son of Fear
    Now Fear is a real doozy, cos he's so confusing
    Sometimes he's helpful, others abusing

    Their neighbor is Anger,
    she's in love with Terror
    yeah she's an abuser,
    she uses my errors
    to beat me down

    Similar to the Doubts
    Now they're very wealthy
    they gotta lotta members that live to tell me
    that I should just quit
    they love to tell me I'm not legit
    Specifically Self Doubts,
    He's a real jerk,
    He always has me questioning my worth

    I'm pretty sure Trust Issues is his uncle
    he's gotta lotta superstitions and is always troubled
    always thinkin he's the victim,
    he's alone in his own bubble

    Then there's Pessimism,
    I can't tell if it's a person, persons, or a religion
    They're so prevalent,
    it's impossible to evade them,
    You can smell when they're around
    they give off negative ions,
    they haven't an iota of what it's to think of something good,
    But I don't blame them,
    cos that would be Optimism,
    she lives in the other neighborhood

    That brings me to the other side of me
    this ones more confusin,
    as I often abuse it

    It's where Hope lives, I wonder how she's doing...
    Then there's Optimism, she's Hopes daughter
    During the pandemic and turbulent elections, she was slaughtered
    Expectation was her brother, he's a goner

    I almost forget about Confidence,
    We don’t really know him
    He left along with Faith,
    I wonder where they’re going...

    I already mentioned Optimism before, see now she’s a ghost,
    I didn’t want to bring her up,
    because outta everyone here, I miss her the most,
    She always cheered me up when I was alone
    She tried to tell me there’s always a road
    To take when things get unbearable

    it’s terrible

    Going down these roads

    I hoped you enjoyed the tour

    of what's inside my neighborhoods

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    Awesome work...this is the "whole enchilada" of poetic round-about. Way to go!


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      Thank you!

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    Wow, really nice , i appreciate your efforts , thanks for sharing ~ Darik Elwan


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      Thanks man!