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  • Cornered

    It’s like I can’t be proud

    These thoughts that I’m ashamed of are too loud

    They’ve got me weak, they’ve got exhausted, they got me without strength

    I’ve been so stressed with everything

    My vision is blurry it’s too hard to think


    Here’s the thing, I think I’m drowning

    In these thoughts of self-doubt,

    they’ve got me down,

    almost too hard to go on

    I’m surrounded,

    by these thoughts that I’m lost,

    I just need to shout

    but the words just won’t come out,

    speechless cos the voices in my head are sounding too loud,

    “YOU ARE PATHETIC” resounds the crowed,

    yeah I’m apathetic,

    gotten me under the weather,

    my hearts pounding, is it gonna get better?

    Questions like that are common,

    Too many have been livin rent free,

    it’s gettin crowded, they feed my doubts which results in,

    a towerin feeling that I’m nothing,

    got me cowerin in a corner,

    I hear my demons growling,

    so scared they’re gonna devour me

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    This paints a powerful picture of how thoughts can influence actions or inaction. I wonder, could you post one just as powerful heading the opposite direction (i.e. powerful thoughts with successful outcomes)? Putting the two of them back to back would provide an even more impressive display.

    If I haven't already said it - welcome to the Zone!


    • Solv
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      That's a really good idea! Personally, I really dislike writing things that don't come from my heart, and recently things have been pretty dark. But I'll definitely keep that in mind for when things get better.

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    Every emotion is a resource for poets. I think the honesty makes this one a compelling read.


    • Solv
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      Thank you!

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    Solv - Sometimes when our demons grow, it's because we feed them. Enjoyed. Namyh