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    I'm livin in a residence with my demons,

    I let em in,

    I admit that I was hesitant,

    but they provided good evidence,

    but now it’s so evident

    I mean look at their aggressiveness,

    because of it, I keep myself distant

    they have so much malevolence,

    I'm such a Costello,

    more an abbot really,

    the point is I’m a joke,

    I am so silly,

    got no flow like a certain rabbit I know, anyway,

    back to the matter at hand,

    I was better before them,

    like I was rich before I got slim.

    Get it? Cos I said em? No?

    Oh well moving on, as a friend would say,

    “end scene”,

    going on to better things, what better things?

    Between you and me, I’m depressed you see?

    But I can’t like I’m blinded by a trance,

    high of the apathy, I like to go numb,

    it’s so sad to see, I know it’s so dumb

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    Something about that "end scene" line I really like. Do you do script writing as well?


    • Solv
      Solv commented
      Editing a comment
      I do not; one of my close friends says "end scene" while making a sort of pinch gesture imitating a clapperboard; oddly enough she isn't even into scriptwriting or production at all.