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  • Love

    "Inspired after rereading do the cat "really enjoyed"
    I tried to make it the shape of a heart.., Do you see it?

    we fight for those we________ love pure and true
    we fight for there cares______ dreams and we grew
    wishing in that moment only that we could live to save
    the people we all care for if it means a shallow grave
    the love we carry and the burden's we've all shared
    people we rush to when we're all alone and scared
    to the people I love and the people who care
    the people I show my heart, people so rare
    thank you all for the joy you've all shown
    being my foundation sturdy as a stone
    for the people i love and hold dear
    I'm soon to tell my greatest fear
    Its to loose the ones I love
    to a power from above
    to greave anew loss

    I cant come up with the line.... But i think the vibes there so ima post

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    "not a good heart or anything


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      Cool. I like shape poetry.


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        Very nice. Thank you for putting in the work and sharing with us. So glad you're here.