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    Don't get in a pickle , I'm just having fun as usual ,but I can see it coming enjoy

    T G Sports ( c ) Glen Mitton 2021

    Coming soon to Conquer all , it's TG Sports !
    A catered congeniality conglomeration of sorts
    That's right folks , here comes a season of well seasoned athletes
    " Prepared " just for you to " cover more " than the " Spreadsheets "
    " It's only competition love ! , Yeah ! the kind Grandpa never dreamed of ,
    or cheered along side of , or let alone be In the company of "
    I tell you this , this beleaguered league isn't about to give up
    Just the mention of it , tripled the sales of , athletic cups
    It gives new meaning to the phrase , " padded uniforms "
    Says Chris Taylor , spokesperson for the new team , the " Unicorns "
    Let me be the first to say , this will be transgression at it's best ,
    In the upcoming divisional games that will be ultimately intermeshed
    Not to compete with the other venues , our schedules will be augmented
    To other time slots and dates as the new " ornate " rules book has documented
    As noted , we felt it this would of only be fair to the other franchises
    Surely this was to help fans part with , and adopt ways to recognize
    One hidden fact revealed today , is the role of the new incoming mascots
    They will be required to be neutral in color , worn as " tank top culottes "
    At first sponsors were hard to get a hold of at first
    But as inhibitions were tucked away , deals were made none the worst
    It's easy if you have groups of people willing to be noncommittal and to solicit
    Here at T G S HQ , we know it helps when you have a second fiddle to fiddle with
    When it makes a " No Never Mind " of that undisputed aspect of indifference
    Who are we to run interference ?
    It works when protuberances as with physics are ignored
    When the only concern is that on the scoreboard
    Anyway , We took it upon ourselves in this " Bilateral PC world of Nondescript "
    We know if we want it to work , we have to throw out that woke " MANuscript "

    " Let's Go ( inaudible ) !