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  • Dead Men

    (Through my family tree there are two main branches and this came from sea dwellers of whom I am a desendant of)

    Dead Men

    why do dead men work
    why do dead men play
    when in the very end
    there all washed away

    (finaly after..... awhile i desided to change the sadness to a bit of a happier thing but tried to stay on the topic of them...
    I tried to include a fear of death but i dunno if it turned out to well )

    Dead Men 2

    Why dose the man so proud
    yell and scream around aloud
    in the face of danger's or fear
    avoiding the death now here
    we risk our lifes reap the reward
    we lost a few members, climb abord

    (i also thought showing the prosses could be fun but please do let me know
    I persionally don't like it to much)
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    I love seeing the thought process!

    Thank you for sharing


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      Solv Here's a great example of what I meant when I commented on your poem "Cornered". Here we get to see both sides of the coin right near each other.

      DepressingPoem Great concept. I like this. May try my hand at it as well.


      • Solv
        Solv commented
        Editing a comment
        Yeah that makes sense; I'm gonna post something kinda like it in a little bit