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    My attention lingers
    On some common thing
    That I can barely make out
    Let's call it a ring

    I see it, I think
    Or maybe I don't
    It might be important
    Or maybe it won't

    For a period of time
    I wore it every day
    Now it's gone
    Nothing left to say

    Savor the moment.
    Is a moment enough
    For laughing and crying
    And all of that stuff?

    Pretending nothing was something
    An interim ideal balladeer
    Singing songs without meaning
    Inauthentic and insincere

    Now they walk right through me,
    Ignore the loud deep cry when I roar
    See only an unkempt drifter
    Who'll never be anything more

    On the edge of every tragedy somebody's sure they know what went wrong

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    Nice lines here...especially that last one...real truth there.


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      It felt more somber after a second read.


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        I feel like I don't do somber very well, but I give it a shot every once in a while. It's been nine years since my divorce, but I still remember watching the extra-pale skin that had been covered by the ring for thirteen years darken a little bit every day until finally there was no trace of it left. Sigh.