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  • Over Protective

    Over Protective

    isn't it funny how scared we can get
    untill we are faced with a u new threat
    not afraid to play dirty to do what we must
    to cheat out our friends misuse there trust
    to act as tho theres nothing wrong with life
    when theres a like for a grater strife

    you eiter lack motivation or so your told
    or your diffrent you stand out your bold
    your quiet but hate they way they function
    you see peoples flaws see the malfunction
    you notice the way the hurt with no fear
    of looseing the ones they hold no near

    it makes you wonder if your the weird one
    someone who wouldn't bother to hold a gun
    but if someone dear was threatened or hurt
    they would have no chance to be alert
    before they where hurt just as they who you care for
    they who would take no time to make fly soar

    it dosen't matter there age nor its size
    the world would soon then know there cries

    By: me