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  • Wannabe

    One day we can list my sins
    Go through them one by one
    Put them in the record
    But they can never be undone

    There’s funny ones
    And sad ones
    Plenty of times
    I was way too mean
    Some were crazy
    Some were desperate
    Some were just obscene

    I’m not finished yet, I’m still bad
    Will keep sinning until I die
    And every time I do I see
    That boy in my mind’s eye
    Who wanted nothing more
    Than to be the best that he could be
    But who grew up
    Looked around
    And found
    He was a wannabe
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    Nostalgia plays its tune on the best of tarnished strings. The closing stanza has a note of finality, but the mind's eye is a powerfully motivating place. This leaves me wondering for the future, regardless of all that's come before.


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      You are right. The boy was probably picturing something like a cowboy astronaut millionaire. That wasn't meant to be, but I'm pretty satisfied with what I've managed to put together despite having to accept that I'm an imperfect being.