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    Ultra Exponential ( c ) Glen Mitton 2021

    How long are we going to be subject to this misery ? ,
    To the worst pathetic political " treason " in history !
    How long are we going to be subject to this car wreck ?
    I for one am beyond nauseous , and wants to exit
    Everyone has that " deer in the head lights " look
    Sadly , there IS a fire with people running towards it with books !
    What's really disheartening , there's no sounds of sirens
    Only faint cries of bewilderment that breaks the silence
    I keep looking in the rear view mirror for flashing lights
    But I don't see any , much to the demons delight
    The plume of smoke so far has gone unnoticed
    They have paralyzed US with their psychosis
    This " road rage traffic jam " is being rammed down our throats
    They've dismantled the " tool booths " now we're broke
    These seditious people aren't hitting on all cylinders
    Their triple A rating is written by " Conniving Contributors "
    Just ask Mitch , he'll vouch for any " Road stop " inquiries
    He wants to sell you a can of air from " overseas " canneries
    That " knife and Fork " sign up ahead is very deceiving
    It's really a " check point " ! , another " draconian " unleashing
    I'm getting overheated , just like my car's engine
    And with any " red flag - red light " , I have questions
    Like , where is our " Honorable Distinguished Military " ?
    The ones who took an OATH to Defend US from the enemy
    " Foreign and Domestic " , or is that just silly of me ?
    Pardon Moi , I forgot their new slogan , " Be all " THEY " want you to be "
    That's my editorial " zinger " on my part
    Directed to both wretched clipped wingers from the heart !
    We are being forced into " reverse " so they can roll past
    " Funny it's a HILL , and they don't want any gas " !
    These " one way " drivers are a disgrace
    They make up their own rules and have no grace
    They are beside themselves with buttered popcorn
    Enjoying the view , whilst sharpening THEIR horns
    Their corruption clashes and crashes to " hinder the path "
    How much longer , do we have put up with their 2 + 2 = 5 math ?
    As we are forced to idle to the " Ides of March " , March 2021
    And the battle for OUR " Sovereignty " continues to be overrun
    " Unity " remains the " Victorious Variable Exponent "
    To this " hell bent , off course , closed ramp " opponent !
    This Country is " Parked and Pledged " with " Patriotic Potential "
    And that my friend make US , " Ultra Exponential " !
    Last edited by Glen MItton; 03-13-2021, 09:56 PM.