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  • Tennessee

    Tearing through Tennessee in the middle of the night

    Making good time, Nags Head in sight

    Stopped for gas, said you can have any snack

    A few hills and curves later, a sound from the back

    Ten seconds after that, a horrible smell

    Told me things were not going well

    Forgot to check the breeze before I shook out the towel

    The whole front of the car was covered now

    A sour rainbow that didn't smell good

    Was on the windshield and across the hood

    I had to smile, that's the way that it goes

    Anyone as dumb as me already knows


    Headed home in a storm, oldest wanted to drive

    "Come on, Dad," she said, "I'll keep us alive."

    Just a few mountains, some wind and some rain

    Time in back with the boys might help keep you sane

    After things cleared up I thought I'd take a turn

    Blew the transmission. Will I never learn?

    Music City, kids. Let's stay for a while

    I gave her a look, she gave me a smile

    I could tell right away I'd never live it down

    She kept us safe and I broke us down

    Nothing personal, but if it's up to me

    Next time I think we'll go around Tennessee
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    Love all it's gory glory! Great word choices, and very illustrative. Nice writing.


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      Thank you, Paula. It was one of my favorite vacations ever.

      We found another way home while the car was being repaired, and when I went back to Nashville to get it I got to see Paul Simon in concert. That was also a lot of fun.


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        Nice rhyming! And Tennessee .. Your in the best company to write about it!


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          Thank you. Further review concluded our mishaps were mostly my own doing and that the state was not to blame.

          It's a beautiful place, I had a blast in Nashville, and there's always a chance of meeting Dolly Parton.