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    The frenzied crowd

    Was not entertained;

    I was in danger

    The day that it rained.

    Let’s read the Cat again.

    I’ll do the funny voice.

    But soon it was clear

    That I had no choice.

    Had to find a new story

    They would enjoy,

    So I told them one about

    When I was a boy.

    Ever seen a dead body?

    No, neither had I,

    But I heard of this place

    They store them nearby

    This lean of tired trees

    I could barely see.

    Probably shouldn’t go there,

    But you know me.

    First there was a dragon

    (It was really a horse)

    I decided to go

    Make friends with, of course.

    She turned on me and screamed,

    “I’m not your mother!”

    All I saw were teeth,

    So I dove for cover.

    An inauspicious start,

    A good reason to walk.

    Asked the dog which route,

    But he still couldn't talk.

    He said if you need me

    You know I'll be around.

    Then he was off,

    Nose to the ground.

    No bridge at the creek,

    Just a lot of snakes.

    Oh, the perilous journeys

    A young fool undertakes.

    I got to the place,

    Found nothing but stones

    With marks I couldn't read

    So I turned to go home.

    I stopped in my tracks.

    My gut fell away.

    Five wild dogs

    Had something to say,

    How all winter long

    They'd not much to eat,

    I looked pretty good,

    Finally some fresh meat.

    Shaking like a leaf,

    Feet heavy as stone,

    Had almost forgotten

    I wasn't alone.

    A blur flew by

    On the edge of my sight.

    Someone who loved me

    Was ready to fight.

    Some horrible sounds

    I'd never heard before,

    In the blink of an eye,

    Five became four.

    I started to yell

    And swing my knife.

    This must be how it felt

    To fight for your life.

    We made it home that day,

    No thanks to me,

    But something had changed.

    My mother could see.

    She said life's better

    Alongside someone who

    Knows what love means

    And will fight for you.

    Wide-eyed sprouts

    Didn't know what to say.

    Wait till I tell them

    About the next day.

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        Tantalizing...I'm primed for more...


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          Just like I remember being a boy, and I'll admit some heartfelt emotion arose!


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            I'm glad to hear it, John. I don't know what we were thinking, traipsing all around the country like that. Good times, though.


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              Sometimes we fight for love and other times we play tug of war with love itself trying our luck
              but the truest purest love never fades or grows cold but lives on in the midwinter wilderness
              waiting for its chance to start a fire to grow bigger and barricade what harms those we love and hold them back
              that's how I see love