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  • Austerity

    Black skies
    Dead cities
    Liberty has died
    This is austerity

    Killing of a nation
    They want our money
    This long frustration
    This is austerity

    Politicians speak
    Of fear, not unity
    Silent suffering
    Victims of austerity

    Our own regret
    Our own responsibility
    The sadness, despair and tears
    This is what we get
    We chose austerity

    Ever since people of Britain voted for the Conservatives (or "Tories"), life hadn't been the same... made worse with Boris Johnson being here.

    Also, "austerity" is the number one word describing what they've done under ten years of corruption and misrule.

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    Coming to America? We'll see.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      There was austerity during the Trump era, was there not?

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    That interesting you should say so. In what way do you think so? My understanding is that many economic indicators showed improvement under his policies.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      But he did sweet FA about Covid when it ravaged America non-stop, and you should know that yourself.