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  • Burning Earth

    Things seem normal behind perfect vision
    But we're perpetually blind to the relevation
    Freedom seems like a deadly distraction
    If we fail to realise our own selfish actions

    How can we ignore what's really around us?
    We systematically abandon our own trust
    Deny the tragedy that we're slowly causing
    Our care for the world is rotting

    Smoke is in the air, yet we don't realise
    As we enjoy and love, all of nature dies
    It's a desperate request for emergency
    But we are lost in our own warped reality

    As we stand, the world is on fire
    Can you feel the flames
    Get into your soul?
    Don't pretend that it's all nothing
    If we don't pull our weight now
    Our world will be no more

    Time is crucial, let's forget all things else
    If we don't get this right, we're bound for hell
    It never had to be like this, even years ago
    But we've dug ourselves a hole

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    I hope things are brightening where you are...I feel a breath of spring and freedom heading our way.

    We'll still have those who seek to divide and deserve no following, but there are many, many good folks doing what is right.

    Be encouraged...a new day dawns.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      This was actually about climate change, but I can take your view on this.