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  • Rear View Mirror


    Ablaze, behind,

    the sun-drunk sky

    lights gravel, crunched

    beneath. I fly

    down country road

    to home and bed,

    with thankful heart

    in beats of red-

    tinged revelry.

    Sweet Spring, so dear,

    I sense your lip

    upon my ear.

    You whisper,

    “I am near” with tease

    of every touch

    of Kansas breeze.

    I ride toward home

    with sun-drenched back

    and joy of life,

    for ‘naught I lack

    when eyes can see

    and ear can hear

    such beautied shadow

    painted clear

    of majesty.

    I thank my God

    my Maker, true

    for rain-drenched sod

    and rainbow hues.

    A country ride

    to close the day.

    In Him abide.

    Amen, I pray.

    Note: This poem was inspired by the picture, sent by my brother.

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    It brings life to a picture deffinetly part of this pictures 1000 words


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      Lovely from start to finish. Perfect together. I really liked this!


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        A perfect blend picture and picture in words.


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          Love it. Flows well and the imagery is great.


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            Thank you all so much for the kind comments. I think I was more excited to produce something with my brother than anything on this one. He happened to send a group text to us siblings (as we have been more keen to do since both Mom and Dad died), after his evening bike ride. I commented back "There's a poem in there somewhere." He responded "Do it." So I did.