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  • An Axe to Grind

    An Axe to Grind ( c ) Glen Mitton 2021

    It seems like the people with an axe to grind
    Are all in the " woodshed " at the very same time
    You could ask ? , but what's the point
    They're not there to smoke a joint
    It's dark and musty in that windowless room
    They're happy to be there , they're all consumed
    Alter candles keep the creepy place lit
    Provided by each one's associated affiliate
    A perfect place for their mushroomed heads
    They feed off each other as their hatred spreads
    The glint from their knives dance on the walls
    A dazzling glimmer of hope that still enthralls
    Their stone wheel of fortune is off it's axis
    It's filled with cracks and sparks woeful tactics
    The frame is broken rusted solid and nasty
    Yet they pedal ideas that are totally ghastly
    Shoulder to shoulder under a " leaky " roof
    They mar the floor with their cloven hooves
    Their only remedy thus far to date ?
    Is dealing with " Children Family and Fate "
    See how they " honed " in on the Innocence
    This is their God awful gleeful "Genesis "
    Their only " Honor " ? is to them , themselves
    And the devil is delighted in those who delve
    Their insidious interruption of what " could be "
    Is a devious " directive " most certainly
    So there they are , people clutching onto " grudges "
    Willing to throw " No-Holds-Barred " punches
    They vow that they are deserving
    I tell you folks , it's a little unnerving
    The wickedness has taken hold
    Evil shines in their eyes like gold
    Narcissist advancement is overwhelming
    They are " collusive " and condescending
    Yet they can't " shake off " this " special place "
    It drives them to return , to act in disgrace
    A momentous memory that can't be forgotten
    " It's where Daddy took them to beat their bottoms "