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    I was a child once
    Full of breath
    Full of claim
    Clay under fingernail
    Driveway on fire
    A stone’s throw away
    Red Ford door wide open
    We all used to play
    Earthworms are pleasure
    Existence is born
    Beside or top of the pave
    And the flame won’t conceal us
    Ignorant or chance
    But molestation is a coating
    Same as butter is a flavor
    Film is to the eye
    Skins of onions like years
    I am dying soon, pray
    Infliction added to a city sidewalk
    And all you fake f***ers
    Keep spilling your sperm
    If there were any words to cement
    I wouldn’t care
    I’ve lived a thousand life times
    In a single nighttime
    With the stroke of a pen
    We can dissolve into childhood
    Or we can dissolve into extinction
    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out
    How to leave this earth
    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out
    How to be a child
    But it will take both
    To survive the lies of Satan


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    This is powerful poetry TS. Heartbreaking, and powerful.


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      very very beautiful and powerful poetry!

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        Very interesting poem. Has me thinking to try to understand it all, which is a good thing. What do you mean by these lines?

        "With the stroke of a pen
        We can dissolve into childhood
        Or we can dissolve into extinction"


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          in our writing we can become oblivious as a child or we can pretend to be extinct thank you

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        Thank you! I beamed into my childhood through your inspired poem! We choose what to live, feel, and do with our own lives. My most innocent and incredible period of life was childhood and the hardest one. I lived in a foster home full of unwanted children. We were equal wanted love and a good education. I knew I would let that home in peace one day, prepared to meet a new family to come for me. gave me the best family I could ask for. All the things I missed before, I had in days. I am deeply grateful that we still have people with soul and compassion.
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          Wonderful writ TS. Thank you


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            I love how the mood changes while reading it. Great work, TS. I appreciate it. As Metallica said:" Sad but true." I remember how the mood of my life changed once. I used to be an alcohol-addicted. It should have been my best years of youth, and I lived it in vain. I remember the morning when my life changed. I went to a church nearby my house I understood my life was going wrong. Love has changed me. It's changed my attitude to life, to people. Now I'm ruling a successful business. I could never imagine that I was going to have a business, but that's true. Btw, I'm no more an alcoholic. So, now we go to church every weekend with my children. People must believe in love and share their love with others. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.' Jimi Hendrix
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