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  • 0131021 morning

    0131021 MORNING

    Everything romantic in this morning will be erased
    The poetry and art of the hour, the sweat as I wake
    The fluid I need, nothing will remain
    On to the job without a light for my way
    Catching a few silent moments
    Before opening and closing the door
    I often listen to the media until it’s time to go
    But lately not so
    Needing sometime of quiet
    To let everything blend to vanilla or grey
    I feel like a leaf, always changing
    Day after day
    Growing in colors and movement
    Inevitably falling to stay
    There is a bitter taste in my mouth
    I no longer crave the sensation of sweet
    Not so many days ago
    Gold was still yellow and clean
    While the filth and trash remain on the street
    Now the nights have their way
    I can’t help myself but the seasons to hate
    When passing from harvesting
    Into conjuring up some sort of bridge
    Bering a strait
    Make believe compasses
    Taking us through the darknesses
    True anxieties of depression consume
    Terror of the unknown is for me
    The multiverse maze rat I am
    Gnawing away at being and home
    Why did God invent me to suffer?
    I did love once and think still I can
    But how will that happen?
    Because hope eludes me
    I lay prostrate here before you
    Dead with my plan
    In the weakest of state
    Morning after morning and morning
    For the mourning of man


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    Depressing but very well done. What does the title mean? It looks like Jan. 31, 21 with an extra 0 in there.


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      i started this poem many years ago the title has to do with time and temperature thank you

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    You write with so much intensity it intoxicates.. yes well done!


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      many thanks

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    So many lines I love in this TS...I agree with LG...there is intensity here. Keep the bruised and beautiful coming...

    Your closing, for me, brought to mind Isaiah 50:4-7:

    The Lord GOD has given me

    a well-trained tongue,

    That I might know how to answer the weary

    a word that will waken them.

    Morning after morning

    he wakens my ear to hear as disciples do;

    The Lord GOD opened my ear;

    I did not refuse,

    did not turn away.

    I gave my back to those who beat me,

    my cheeks to those who tore out my beard;

    My face I did not hide

    from insults and spitting.

    The Lord GOD is my help,

    therefore I am not disgraced;

    Therefore I have set my face like flint,

    knowing that I shall not be put to shame.


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      thank you rlw