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  • Soft Pillow

    Soft pillow longs
    For me to rest.
    It gently holds
    My consciousness.

    Smooth cotton threads
    In woven case,
    Lightly pressing
    Against my face.

    Clean fabric scent
    Fills mental void,
    With images
    Of things enjoyed.

    So drifts my mind,
    Carried away,
    From all the tasks
    Not done today.

    My pillow cares
    For these things not,
    Nor any chore
    That I forgot.

    But I must now
    Rely on it,
    For darkness calls
    And I submit.

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    A poetic lullaby...nice.


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      Thanks. Something I wrote years ago.


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        Very nice. Soothing to read . ..


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          The many talents of Electron John.
          I could use that pillow, had a long flight and never know whether to sleep right away or stumble through the day in hopes of a good night's sleep


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            I always opt for sleep when that is an option, even if just a short nap.


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              I think you have a talent. I personally can't compose anything. The only thing I'm really good at is sleeping on my favorite pillow. Although recently it has been very uncomfortable to sleep due to the fact that it is either too hot or too cold, I don't even know what to do. The summer is too hot this year. Maybe it's just time to finally buy a new blanket and sheets for the bed. Usually, my relatives gift me sheets and blankets for the holidays, so I have never bought them for myself yet. Therefore, I do not even know where they sell sheets and which ones are better to buy. My friends advised me to buy a silk sheet because the material itself is very soft and it's cozy to sleep under it, but I'm not sure if a silk blanket is worth it?
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                Electron John - I love my Star Wars pillow and Superman blanket. Don't ask! Don't ask!.......and I most enjoyed your insightful work here EJ. Now I can use a lullaby, 2 naps and a warm bottle of milk. I want my mommy! LOL. Namyh
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                  Would you be ok with the fact that I want to use your poem in a school play that I'm writing? I want to share a story about dreams and hopes, and of course, there should be a nice poem like yours. I hope that you will not mind. Also, I wanted to ask for a piece of advice about the props. In the play, I need to have a big king-size bed. Don't you know where I could rent one? Also, I'm searching for nice bedding. I did find this website with much interesting information, but I'm still not sure. I will wait for your suggestions. Good luck to everyone!
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                    Great poem EJ. I really enjoyed it.