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  • Colors

    You get transported to a realm of unfathomable beauty

    The landscape vast and full of hidden treasure

    But to access it

    You must face your worst nightmare

    A red blur passes you by and you wonder why couldn’t say goodbye when she left

    You look up to the blue sky, and it takes you back to when you were happy

    It seems like another life, considering where you’ve been

    You suddenly trip but the lush green grass halts your fall

    You feel like you could spend eternity resting on its cool surface

    You spot an orange comet shooting through the endless void

    Creeping towards you, your mind wants to move but your body does not obey

    It keeps crawling

    You can see it clearly now, a sphere of flaming rocks rushing towards you

    Why can’t you move?

    Is it maybe because you want to feel something?

    It hits you, the pain spreads like wildfire, forcefully shoving you backwards into the depths of the ocean

    The brisk ocean washes your tears away as you sink slowly into the abyss

    Thinking back to each and everyone of your mistakes

    Trying to comprehend what made you make them

    You see the sandy floor of the ocean

    But when you reach it, you go through, and land on a bright street

    You know where you are.

    As the rain hits your face

    You frantically search for your locket

    The one with her photo inside

    But the yellow headlights of taxi cabs, street lights and billboards distract you

    Piercing through the commotion is her voice, talking with someone you used to know

    Her eyes, brown like the trunk of the tree that used to grow in your house.

    The person she is talking to looks like a version of you

    But with one key difference

    He is happy.

    You get closer as they chat about their future together and how they want it to last forever

    You have had this conversation before

    With the same woman

    On the same night

    You know where this is going

    You want to rush over and tackle the stranger before he utters those words that he will regret Exactly 1 second after he says them

    You spot an old man on the sidewalk and he looks at you

    Shaking his head he walks off

    As if he knows what's going on

    As if he is in the same situation as you

    It seems time slows down, because the raindrops hitting her fuchsia umbrella are barely moving His mouth opens, you close your eyes, not wanting to be here

    But when he opens his mouth, he doesn’t say what you said


    He compliments her yellow dress

    He doesn’t ruin their relationship

    He did what you should have done

    You drop through the sidewalk

    Returning to the sandy floor of the ocean

    But you can see your tears

    As if all the colors have shifted

    As if you have shifted.

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    I really like it for obvious reasons


    • Breezy
      Breezy commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you! And let me guess, because it makes colorful stuff depressing?

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    Very nice! There's alot for the reader to respond to in this one.
    great work.


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      Oh my...what a journey you've penned! Wonderful reflection.


      • #5
        I liked it becouse it was colorful and slowly shows a story a journy not before heard of not dicovered thats way I liked it dum dum